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Do you remember being a little girl, full of hopes and dreams? Do you remember how perfectly beautiful you felt when a butterfly landed on your hair? It’s amazing how such simple little things can boost your self-confidence.

We all express our unique style through fashion, but the fashion industry makes so many women feel inadequate. At Selkie Crafts I design items specially to boost your self-confidence. Express your unique style with these beautifully crafted, stunning accessories designed to make you feel fabulous. Confidence is not my strong point. That’s why I believe it’s SO important to have that something special you can put on and KNOW looks good. Selkie Crafts are the butterflies you wear to feel amazing.

Weddings take this principle to the limit! Everyone will be examining the bride and bridesmaids’ outfits, even the guests are not immune to critical eyes. But, your wedding day is one of the only days you can have everything exactly how you want it. So have fun, express your unique style and we hope you invite our Selkie Crafts designs to be part of your special day. Even if we’re not for you, we hope you do it your way!

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Selkie Story

Selkies are mythical Scottish creatures that look like seals in the sea. On land however, they shed their skin to become beautiful women. It is said that if a man steals the seal skin of a Selkie, she will remain faithful to him. The Selkie will always long to return to the sea and will never be seen again, if her skin is returned.

The Selkie Crafts name & logo celebrate my Scottish roots and my Selkie lifestyle. I am a keen SCUBA diver so I always long for the sea.

Selkie art by Jessica Shirley
Selkie art by Jessica Shirley