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Your values define how you live, these are our core values. How many do you share with us?

Saving the Planet

Imagine a beautiful, wild, inspiring place to escape to. The stresses of modern life affect you and the planet, so I want to help you both to thrive in the modern jungle. That’s why I re-use outer postage packaging, use every inch of paper before it gets recycled, and endeavour to continue to reduce the environmental impact of Selkie Crafts.

Business with Morals

You’ve heard the stories, maybe even seen the pictures, of big businesses exploiting desperate people, they provide horrendous working conditions for token pay. Buying ethical & handmade supports real people & local businesses, so your money won’t just line the pocket of faceless organisations mass-producing tat, with dubious human rights & environmental policies. You can enjoy your purchases guilt free.

Everyone is Beautiful

Who didn’t feel like the prettiest girl around when a butterfly landed on their hair? Today’s fashion industry is full of perfect models and airbrushed bodies. However, I want real women to feel genuinely beautiful. Selkie Crafts designs are butterflies for you to wear proudly.

Real People

You’re a real person, just like me. We have thoughts, feelings & desires (Who’d have thought!). I’m a one-woman business, so every aspect of your beautiful new accessory is lovingly designed, crafted and boxed especially for you, by me. So don’t be afraid to say hello; it can get lonely working on my own!

Nature never goes out of Style

From dated floral to modern botanical, trends come and go but nature will always inspire. Ranging from delicate vines & butterflies to funky fish & leopard-print; there is something for everyone in nature.

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