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How to wear a Hair Vine: 7 easy ideas

How to wear a hair vine

I love hair vines, they are so pretty and versatile. Perfect for your wedding hairstyle, bridesmaids, or prom. You can wear your hair vine over and over again, unlike a tiara. Here are some hair vine ideas to get you started but the possibilities are vast!

Before I dive in with pretty pictures let’s just clarify how to put on a hair vine. Most hair vines have a Kirby grip at each end or loops to put your hair grips through. These are usually enough to hold it in place, but if you are doing something more elaborate you can just add extra grips along the hair vine to keep it where you want it. Many hair vines, like Selkie Crafts ones, are also very flexible so you can bend and mould them to the shape you want. They come in a range of lengths, Selkie Crafts hair vines are a standard length but you can just get in touch with me to discuss a different length to suit you.

Now, let’s get on with the good stuff. Please note I am by no means a hairstylist, nor a great photographer!

  1. You can keep it simple and wear your hair vine like a headband at the front.
  2. Alternatively, wear it around the back of your head.

Hair Vines - style ideas

3. You can wear it around one side.

4. If you have longer hair and want to wear it down, a trailing style might be for you.

5. You can weave the hair vine into your hair, plaits or waterfall braids do well here. Take care getting the hair vine out your hair again though, it tangles easily!

Hair Vines - style ideas

6. If you fancy wearing your hair in a bun you can wrap the hair vine around the bun, great for buns on the top of your head as well as at the back.

7. Try draping the hair vine over the top of your bun to mix it up a bit. Start from the middle of your bun and drape to the side or just drape across the whole bun.

Hair Vines - style ideas

So a few examples to inspire you. There are plenty of beautiful examples to feast your eyes on Pinterest, with far better hairdressing skills. Check out this bridal hairstyles board here:

Hair Vines - style ideas

Fallen in love with hair vines? Check out my designs here, you can contact me to customise the colours too.

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