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Should I Wear Gold or Silver?

What colour of metal should I wear? - gold or silver jewellery

Do you look your best in gold or silver jewellery? You probably already have an idea of what suits your skin tone, but let’s be sure. Not to mention where does rose gold and copper come into it all?

gold or silver jewellery. What colour of metal should I wear_

It’s all about skin-tone…

Skin tone is not the same as skin colour. You can have darker skin with a cool skin tone, or you can have light skin with a warm skin tone. Skin tone is related to your ethnic background whereas skin colour has more to do with the environment – like having a tan.

So which are you?

woman-warm skin tone

Warm skin-tone

  • Your wrist veins look green
  • You tan easily
  • You are likely to have brown eyes & black hair

Choose yellow metals like rose gold, copper, and brass jewellery.

Cool skin-tone

  • Your wrist veins look blue/purple
  • You burn easily
  • You are likely to have blue eyes & blonde hair
Choose light or white metals such as white gold, platinum and silver.

Still not sure what your skin tone is?

If you have a mixture of the above traits you could be neutral skin-toned. You, lucky people, look good in both white metals and yellow metals, so you are free to mix and match gold and silver jewellery.

Most people fall somewhere between warm and cool. The skin tone rule is really just a guideline; your personality and style are the most important factors.

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If you love it wear it!

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